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Easier, more enjoyable and more accessible racket sports

The idea of MATCHi was formed when I, a previously enthusiastic player, would resume playing and realise how difficult it was to book times on the fly, to find people to play with and to compete with friends at the casual level.

We at MATCHi believe that you, like us, want to be spontaneous and flexible in your everyday life. With a phone in your pocket, you should easily be able to find an available court, an available partner or a continuation course at the right level regardless of which sport you want to play; tennis, badminton, padel, squash or table tennis.

Soon after we developed online bookings, we found that clubs and venues were crying out for help with administration. Everything from managing cancellations, refunds for bookings, membership lists, or grant management to course registrations and business development through to historical statistics. We also saw the possibilities of digitising entry codes and automating the lights so that courts are lit only during times when they are booked. This benefits the profitability of venues by allowing them to rent times without being staffed, and it’s also great for the environment!

We see the racket sport system of the future ahead of us

MATCHi's vision is to make racket sports easier, more enjoyable and more accessible. Whether you play or offer tennis, badminton, squash, table tennis or padel. That’s why we took one step further from traditional booking systems and created what we believe is the world's first racket sport system.

We see it in front of us, the racket sports system of the future. The possibilities are endless; video recording, retina scanning, online meeting places, training course searches, player analysis and physical sensors. Even the possibility of booking parking spaces and charging stations for your electric spaceship.

It’s your needs and your desires that help us take the next step. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a player, board member, venue employee or a programmer with bold ideas. Together we drive growth in racket sports and get more people moving!

An exciting meeting between non-profits and entrepreneurs

It’s an exciting time in the racket sport world right now. MATCHi's journey started with a burning desire to improve the everyday lives of players and the issues that sports associates wrestle with and it now continues at the forefront of automation and digitisation for the padel entrepreneurs. There are two completely different realities: the non-profit sports organisation focusing on children and youth, dependent on members and grants, and with courts difficult to rent out compared to the newly built padel venues where the times are booked several weeks before play and where the business is run privately.

Somewhere these worlds meet and in the middle, there is MATCHi. How can we help associations become more financially viable through solid IT support? And what do padel facilities need in terms of knowledge or support when joining the national governing bodies?

MATCHi is passionate about racket sports, public health, sports associations and entrepreneurship. With brave harts, focused minds and cooperation with the racket sport world, we will develop racket sports, make them more accessible to more people and help grow them into whatever they can become!

Read about some of our ongoing projects

Official Supplier to the Swedish Tennis Association

As the Official Supplier for the Swedish Tennis Association, we help move tennis in Sweden towards more members through digital development. In addition to the work we do to automate the administration of the individual tennis club, we have collaboratively developed an interactive map that makes it easier for tennis players to find their closest club and court. We look forward to our continued cooperation towards a digital racket world where the goal is to increase the number of members in tennis.

Click here to view the map at the Swedish Tennis Association

Padel Sweden Quality Team and sponsor of the Swedish Padel Association

MATCHi is part of the Padel Sweden Quality Team where we, with other providers recommended by the Swedish Padel Association, work together to drive and increase the interest in padel. We handle member licensing for players and clubs within the Swedish Padel Association. We also assist with the official national padel rankings and develop the competition system that Sweden Padel Tour uses for their tournaments.

Click here to view the SMASH tournament application

Sponsor of the "More tennis at Österlen" project

More tennis at Österlen is an initiative of Ystad Tennis Club in collaboration with “Skåne Idrotten” to grow tennis at Österlen. This type of project is important for non-profit sports and we obviously want to contribute our knowledge. As "sponsor" of the project, we help the tennis associations in Österlen to automate as much of their administration as possible through, for example, online booking, automatic membership management and entry options. We subsidise and educate the associations so that they can use the same booking system. Through automation, the clubs that have started using MATCHi have seen their bookings increase by about 40% from the summer of 2018 to 2019.

Click here to view the Tennis Österlen project

“The future of online booking”

Magnus ”Gusten” Gustafsson
Tennis player and businessman of high rank who has been among the world's ten best tennis players

“We evaluated several solutions on the market before we found MATCHi. It is simple, modern and it suited us perfectly as a sports hall. We and our customers are very satisfied and when we have questions MATCHi is always flexible and responsive!”

Kristoffer Lundqvist
Venue manager at Malmö BadmintonCenter

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