The market's leading booking system for raquet sports

Make your venue more attractive to thousands of players. We offer better online booking, easier administration and more fun racket sports. MATCHi is a complete racket sports system, not just a traditional booking system.

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MATCHi provides the solution, whether you are looking for a simpler booking system, better customer service or increased accessibility through automating your venue with lighting controls and access codes.

With MATCHi you simplify not only everyday life for the players but also for your administrators and coaches. Badminton, tennis, padel, squash or table tennis - no matter. And if you want to book activities and training passes for other sports, no problem. You can also avoid multiple customer records since we can sync your data with accounting and cashier/checkout systems if needed. We and our partners welcome you to the future of online booking and raquet sports systems. MATCHi provides the solution, whether you are seeking a simple but full featured booking system, better customer service, or increased accessibility through automating your venue's lighting controls and entry access codes.

Simplify things for your customers

Easier and more fun for the player

  • Booking around the clock, even on your mobile
  • Quick and safe payment
  • Matching of playing partners
  • Reporting game results with statistics

Streamline your work

Developed and adapted for racket sports

  • Easy to get started
  • Automatic membership and message handling
  • Quick administration of subscriptions, trainings and price lists
  • Good overview of booking density and income

Increase your profitability

Make money, free up time and lower your costs

  • Prepaid sessions and membership fees
  • Less administration at the cash register and on the phone
  • Network of thousands of enthusiastic players
  • Sell workouts and digital punch cards online

MATCHi - developed for you

Get started immediately
It's easy to get started. The only thing you need besides a computer is an internet connection. A few of the clubs on MATCHi have even started selling timeslots online the same day they contacted us.
Free support
We know that you want somewhere to turn with questions. That is why all clubs are offered free access to our knowledgeable support team, both by phone and e-mail.
We grow with your needs
Do you want to streamline and automate the management of your venue? MATCHi offers services like automatic lighting control, distribution of pass codes and synchronisation with your accounting. All to simplify your workflow + improve your availability.
No binding period
We are convinced that our customers stay with us because we are good at what we do and we offer what our customers need. That is why when you register with MATCHi you are free to cancel your partnership with us any time you wish.
Quick return on your investment
We have seen that just one extra booking per day or a late cancellation, of a booking already paid for, results in SEK 54 000 extra each year for the average venue. Our pricing model is based on you getting a quick return of your investment, and then some.
Easy to use
It is very important that we all, regardless of computer skills, can use MATCHi. That is why user friendliness has been central throughout the entire development. You can compary us to other products and services if you like. We are proud of our service.
Focus on racket sport
We are a team with a passion for improving racket sports. This means that we are here for you, we understand your every day life and we continue to develop this service to always be the best alternative for you and your members.

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