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We treat your information confidentially and will never sell it or disseminate it to third parties without your knowledge. Read more in our user contract.

We currently accept payments with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Maestro

We do not save any data related to your card and all of our transactions are handled by our secure payment partner Nets. Nets is one of Northern Europe's largest companies operating in card transactions, and we cooperate so that you can feel 100% safe.

When logging in you can select "I have forgotten my password" to reset your password.

The basic functions of MATCHi like finding and booking a time slot, get suggested playing partners and the opportunity to search for venues nearby will always be free of charge. Certain advanced functions that require more time and maintenance are also free to begin with, but may eventually require payment. These will if so be clearly marked to show that they are offered for free for a limited time period.

MATCHi can be reached at for general information or tips about venues who want to join. Otherwise, please write to with opinions, requests and any technical issues.

Visit and follow the instructions. You will receive an activation email in which you need to click on a link, so be sure to enter a valid email address that you check regularly (confirmations from your club/venue will be sent to this email address as well!).

The mail server may be overburdened and it can in some cases take up to an hour for your e-mail to arrive. You may want to check your junk mail folder as well. If you still cannot find the e-mail and have waited a while, please try registering again to double check that you entered the correct e-mail address (MATCHi will let you know if the e-mail is already registered). Contact if the problem is still not resolved.

At the button for logging is found in the top right. Click the button and enter your MATCHi username and password. Please note that you must already be registered with an account at in order to log in. If you do not wish to be automatically logged out when inactive you can tick the box marked "Keep me logged in".

"Keep me logged in" lets you remain logged in until you log yourself out. If you do not tick this box when logging in you will, for security purposes, be automatically logged out after a certain amount of time of inactivity.

MATCHi probably does not yet know which club/venue you are a member of. Your club/venue can send an invite to existing customers and members who have registered an email address with them. Click the link in the invite and follow the instructions to receive your benefits. Invites are valid for 30 days and after that you will need to request a new invite.

MATCHi probably does not yet know which club/venue you have a contract/subscription with. Your club/venue can send an invite to existing customers who have registered an email address with them. Click the link in the invite and follow the instructions. An invite is valid for 30 days, after than you will need to request a new invite.

The punch card you purchased might not be valid for the session you are trying to book or incorrectly registered (this can only happen if you purchased the card over the counter), or MATCHi might not yet have been notified that you are a customer of your respective club/venue. Refer to the above answer for further assistance.

Invites expire after a certain amount of time and you will then need to resend the. Also, if you share an e-mail address with someone in your family they might have already clicked on the link, which means it can no longer be used. Contact your club/venue for further assistance.

You can only click this link once. If you elect not to change your password you will have to request a new password again.

It's up to your club/venue - most have chosen to allow bookings up to 14 or 28 days in advance.

It depends on which club/venue it concerns. You may always book through and our iPhone app.

Payment may be made with debit or credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Maestro. You may also pay with MATCHi's provided digital punch card. No extra fees apply and you only need to fill out your information once if you choose to save your data (which is done completely securely through Nets, one of the leading payment services in Northern Europe).

All bookings on are paid in advance and never with cash. However, if your club/venue allows bookings by phone or front desk they can usually accept cash on location.

It's up to each individual club/venue, and the rules vary.

Yes, by web or mobile (it is easier and faster with our app "MATCHi" found in App Store). Cancellations with refunds are generally possible up until six hours before the reserved time, unless otherwise specified in the terms for the specific purchase. Bookings paid for using a debit or credit card are subject to a cancellation fee, which is usually at SEK 12,50 and is applied at cancellation.

You can either pay with a debit or credit card or you can purchase a new punch card directly online (or through your club/venue if they offer this option). You can find the digital punch cards directly under the booking schedule for the respective club/venue.

Prices differ between clubs/venues, but particular pricing for youths through online booking is rare. Please contact the club/venue you are interested in for further information.

Search MATCHi on the App Store for an app that allows you to find venues near you, add favourites, book, pay, view pass codes and cancel easily. Note that you need to have activated the "easy payment" (saved debit / credit card) on or have a digital discount card to pay through the app right now (2016-01-22).


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