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More fun, more easy and more accessible racket sports

The idea of MATCHi was born when I, as a previously avid player, wanted to resume my playing and realised just how complicated it was to spontaneously book time slots, find people to play with and compete with buddies at an exercise level.

Now I run MATCHi together with a group of dedicated colleagues and racket players, including co-founders Carljohan Hederoth and Mattias Lundstöm. We believe that you, like us, can be spontaneous and flexible in your everyday life. With your mobile in your pocket you can easily find an available court and book tennis, badminton, padel, squash or table tennis whenever you get to escape from your busy schedule.

We match players with each other and simplify for the venue

Furthermore, one of our main driving forces has been to allow those of you who play to find people in your area to play with at your level. Regardless of if you are a beginner or are already advanced, we want you to be able to find other enthusiasts who challenge you on the court.

We noticed pretty quickly that clubs and venues were demanding to be relieved of tasks such as handling bookings/cancellations, payments, database updates, marketing and general administration. In some cases a key had to be picked up at the nearest gas station in order to get access to a venue, and we realised that we could do a lot to help also in this area! (Today we replace this with sending of pass codes and automatic lighting control.)

This is only the beginning. Join us in shaping the future.

Our vision is to make racket sports simpler, more fun and more easily accessible, regardless of whether you play or offer tennis, badminton, squash, table tennis or padel. That is why we have taken the traditional booking system one step further and created what we think is the world's first racket sports system.

MATCHi's racket sports system is developed according to your needs and desires - players, directors, club managers, administrators, trainers and receptionists - that's why it is important for us that you share your tips and comments. We are developing racket sports together.


/Daniel Ekman and Team MATCHi

“The future of online booking”

Magnus ”Gusten” Gustafsson
Tennis player and businessman of high rank who has been among the world's ten best tennis players

“We evaluated several solutions on the market before we found MATCHi. It is simple, modern and it suited us perfectly as a sports hall. We and our customers are very satisfied and when we have questions MATCHi is always flexible and responsive!”

Kristoffer Lundqvist
Venue manager at Malmö BadmintonCenter

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